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MICROPROTEIN PLUS ORGANIC FERTILIZER is a mixture of naturally occurring-hormones, proteins and enzymes as by-products of genetically engineered bacterial isolates. It is a liquid formulation that increases the tonnage production of sugarcane and corn.

The protein liquid fertilizer acts as a soil conditioner by enhancing soil homogeneity and water holding capacity of plants; increasing benefecial bacterial colonies for humus build-up and Carbon Dioxide – Oxygen conversion.


  1. Acts as nitrogen-fixers
  2. Contains hormones/enzymes-producing bacteria for growth and maturity of plants.
  3. Acts as soil conditioner
  4. Protects plants from pests and diseases
  5. Reduces the use of chemical fertilizers


  • Apply MICROPROTEIN PLUS ORGANIC FERTILIZER 5-15 days after planting new plants; for ratoon after stabble shaving
  • Spray thoroughly on the soil and on the plants
  • Spray once a month for 4 consecutive for consecutive months for sugarcane plant
  • For rice, spray every 3 months or 3 times per cropping
  • No insecticide/pesticide should be applied to the field


20-30 gallons MICROPROTEIN PLUS ORGANIC FERTILIZER per hectare/cropping


5 gallons MICROPROTEIN PLUS ORGANIC FERTILIZER  is mixed with 16 gallons of water. Shake thoroughly. Apply the mixture within 24 hours. Spray in a sunny day.


For sugarcane plants:

1st dose: 15 days after planting. 5-10 gallons/hectare

2nd dose: 21 days after the 1st dose. 5 gallons/hectare

3rd dose: 1 month after the 2nd dose. 5-10 gallons/hectare

4th dose: 1 month after the 3rd dose. 5 gallons/ha

Total number of gallons applied per cropping: 20-30 gallons

Price: Php 400 per gallon

Potential yield for sugarcane: 80-120 tons/hectare

Lkg/TC: 2.00 +

The tonnage and Lkg/TC is dependent on the amount of MICROPROTEIN PLUS ORGANIC FERTILIZER used. The larger the amount applied (30 gallons+) to the field, the higher the yield or tonnage.

Contact information: 09108698724 or email

Address: Biopest Control Products Supply, Magsaysay Avenue Singcang, Bacolod City,  Philippines

Other Products: MYCO PLUS (WHITE & RED) for corn, sorghum, cassava, tomatoes, and other crops.


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